2016 Most Popular Driver Of The Year Presented By Milligan’s Painting Co.


Welcome to the 2016 Most Popular Driver of the Year presented by Milligan’s Painting Co.!

Drivers who competed at Dillon Motor Speedway, Florence Motor Speedway and Myrtle Beach Speedway during the 2016 regular season have been categorized by six divisions: Late Models, Super Trucks, Chargers, Street Stocks, Four Cylinders/Bangers, and Mini Cups.

Round 1: (November 17, 2016 – December 11, 2016)

In this first round of voting, you may vote for one driver in each class per day. On Sunday, December 11, 2016, voting will temporarily close, and the winning drivers from each division will be compiled into a final round of voting.

Round 2: (December 16 – 26, 2016)

In the final round, the vote count will be reset, and the six winners from Round 1, will compete against each other. The winner of Round 2, will take home the trophy. In the final round, an individual can only vote one time per day.

We hope that you all have a fun time voting with this friendly competition, and we certainly appreciate Milligan’s Painting Co. for coming on board and sponsoring the 2016 Most Popular Driver Award

*****After reviewing votes from the opening round of the TheFourthTurn’s 2016 Most Popular Driver of the Year Presented by Milligan’s Painting Co., we have discovered that some participants  were taking advantage of a glitch that allowed the 1(one) vote per day limit to be exceeded, in some cases, by a very significant amount. After these extra votes were removed it changed the outcome of our final poll.

We apologize to the drivers who had to be removed from the final round, they may not have been aware of the extra voting at all; However, to be fair to all drivers as well as our poll sponsor we elected to correct the final list and continue. We have extended the poll for a few additional days. We appreciate everyone’s participation in this friendly competition.*****

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If you are unable to see the poll above a vote has already been cast from your computer for this 24 hours. If you feel this is an error please email us here.