Brian France “Very Optimistic” That a Franchising Deal is Near

Brian France “Very Optimistic” That a Franchising Deal is Near

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The long-awaited rollout of NASCAR’s charter system that is to help long-term stability for teams will have to wait for another day.

Giving his ‘State of the Sport’ address during the 34th annual Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour at the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Tuesday, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France stated that the proposed franchising deal between the sanctioning body and the teams was still in the works.

“There has been a lot of talk about a new charter system for team owners and how that can work to make a team ownership model better,” France said on Tuesday morning. “I’m very optimistic that we’re going to get that new ownership structure completed.

“And when we do, and why we’re doing that, and we wouldn’t do anything that we didn’t think in the long run would make racing better, would field more opportunities, create an environment for more owners, more capital in this very expensive sport, to have a better experience in fielding the race teams week in and week out.

“I’m very optimistic that shortly, while today won’t be the day, but shortly we’ll be able to share those details of what that looks like, and that’ll be historic for us, too, in auto racing should we complete this, and I believe that we will.”

An official timetable for the completion of the deal was not made available, but France stated that he was very optimistic that its rollout would be coming soon.

The deal is part of a movement that NASCAR is currently going through in order to contain costs – a movement that contains both cost-cutting measures by way of the aforementioned franchising system and by way of adjustments made to the race packages.

“I’m not going to get into specifics of the plan because we don’t have it finished yet, and it’s still moving around a little bit,” France explained. “The timeline is sooner rather than later.  The further we get in, the longer you have to push out in a certain season where we could ‑ by the way, whatever is the final arrangement should we be able to get there, this is going to be a phase where from one moment to the next, everything will be different.”

France is not hoping for a rush to a closing of the deal, however, as there are many moving parts involved with coming up with the final draft of the plan.

“This is a very complicated plan and structure that will require some time to phase in many aspects of it,” France continued.  And we’ll just have to see from a ‑ we’ll announce things as soon as we can, but I’m optimistic.  I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t ‑ I was in the meetings myself last week, and I’m optimistic, although these things, as complicated as they are, can always move around on us.”

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