Drivers Give Praise to 2015 Aero Package

Drivers Give Praise to 2015 Aero Package

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DOVER, Del. — Although not a single lap has been turned by the Sprint Cup Series teams with the 2015 race package to be used on non-restrictor plate tracks and yet it has already begun to receive praise by the drivers.

From what some of the drivers are saying about the aerodynamic modifications expected for next year, the changes will provide more opportunities to pass and drivers will be required to ‘drive’ their cars more.

“It’s not going to feel as secure or as comfortable but we have to to create off throttle time,” Jamie McMurray said. “Michigan is the best example. When you go to Michigan and you have only let off the gas for one second in each corner, the guy behind you just has no chance of passing you. It’s hard.”

With NASCAR announcing that the 2015 Sprint Cup car will feature a six-inch spoiler (down from eight inches in 2014), the cars will race with less downforce acting on them. As McMurray puts it, the lack of downforce on the cars in 2015 will open up more passing opportunities for the field.

“Removing the downforce is ultimately about creating off throttle time,” he continued. “All the drivers feel that the more off throttle time we have, the more passing we are going to have.”

Carl Edwards voiced his support for the shortening of the spoiler to decrease the amount of downforce on the car and he hopes that it’s a sign of further things to come from NASCAR.

“I think that as long as we can continue in the direction of less downforce, less aero dependence that the racing will just get better and it will be more fun for everyone,” Edwards said. “I’m glad NASCAR has taken a little bit of the spoiler away…

“If it were up to me, there would be no downforce, no sideforce, and we’d just race stock cars. As long as we’re headed that way I’m happy.”

Six-time series champion Jimmie Johnson believes that NASCAR has taken a great first step towards putting the ‘importance back on the drivers and the teams.’

Johnson would state that he thinks the sanctioning body could work towards possibly introducing a softer tire compound in conjunction with Goodyear in the future to make an even greater package for passing on the track.

“I feel that we made a good step in helping the drivers smile, with taking downforce out of the cars,” Johnson said. “And hopefully that will allow the tire to soften up and then we can have falloff. I still think the drivers would love to see another big step in the aero department and less aero on the car and a softer tire yet, to really put the importance back on the drivers and the teams.

“The tires, for the most part, are pretty solid with not a lot of give-up or falloff in them. And that, in our opinion as drivers, doesn’t allow opportunities to pass and make passes for the win.”


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