Where The Real Heros Race

Where The Real Heros Race

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In the past few weeks several NASCAR Sprint Cup teams have tarnished not only their own reputations but that of NASCAR in general. Their on-track shenanigans have called into question the honesty of drivers, crews and owners. One of the most enjoyable parts of watching a race, good sportsmanship and fair competition, seems to have been lost. As a father of 3 boys it’s especially troubling because racing such a big part of our lives and the older boys idolize several NASCAR drivers.

I found something in my car this week that my oldest son, who is 7, drew in school and it reminded me that there is a place we can go to watch some real heros race. It was a piece of paper with the number 66 on it and said “yea Rian hall” and it really opened my eyes. Local short tracks all across the country have some of the best racing there is, usually much more exciting than your average NASCAR race. The guys that race there are real people not just someone you can see on TV.

My son thinks Ryan Hall, #66 who just one the Late Model Track Championship at the Dillon Motor Speedway, is awesome. He has been right beside me in the tower as I run the scoring system and he has watched Ryan win 8 races this season, including a 5 in a row streak. Ryan is quiet and unassuming, he doesn’t spin other cars out to get the front at any cost. I have seen some great side by side battles between Ryan other drivers this season and not one of them has come to Ryan in anger after the race.

With a Late Model race schedule just about every other weekend my son gets to see his favorite driver alot and not just through the TV screen. We make a daily trip through the pits to check transponders and he gets to be right there as I stop and talk to Ryan and his crew. These guys work regular jobs and race on the weekends simply because they love to race. Now honestly, who would your rather watch, a driver who gets paid millions or someone who does it for the pure love of the sport?

There are a little over 900 local short tracks scattered all across this country and Ryan Hall and the Dillon Motor Speedway are by no means unique. I would be willing to bet that wherever you are there is a track an hour or so away that is probably racing tonight. Don’t let what a few NASCAR drivers and teams do ruin the sport for you or your kids. Find a local short track and see where the real heros of the sport race and while you’re there shake a drivers hand, tell him good job and you really enjoy watching him race, that will mean more to him that any prize money.

Christopher Neal
Christopher is a happily married father of 3 very active boys. He is a full time law enforcement officer and part time web designer. Chris is currently the chief editor of as well as has personal blog

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