Dalton and Teter Score Controversial Wins at Franklin County Speedway

Dalton and Teter Score Controversial Wins at Franklin County Speedway

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CALLAWAY, VA (August 25, 2013) –  Steve Dalton swept twin Late Model races at Franklin County Speedway on Saturday night while Steve Teter returned to victory lane in the Mini Cup division.  Dalton’s second race win came after a series of incidents with Kyle Dudley.

Dalton was the fastest qualifier with a 14.09 second lap, the fastest qualifying lap laid down in the Late Model Stock Car division so far in the 2013 season.  Dalton led wire-to-wire in the first race to score his second win of the 2013 season.  However, the second race was far more eventful for Dalton.

Dalton initiated contact with Dudley in turn two on lap eight of the second 35 lap feature, causing Dudley to slide up the track and surrender the lead.  In the next turn, Dudley retaliated causing both cars to wreck.  Dalton and Dudley then proceeded to trade paint under caution.  Later in the race, Dalton would initiate contact again with Dudley, sending him up the track and out of the groove.  Dalton would go on to win the race and perform the sweep.

“The first race was a great race,” Dalton said.  “I never spun Kyle (Dudley).  I could have spun him but I didn’t.  I owed him for a few weeks ago.  I could have put him in the wall.  I could have wrecked him.  I just wanted to let him know I didn’t appreciate that deal.  If he wants to race clean, I’ll run him clean every race from now on.  I’m not going to put up with that crap.”

Dalton was referring to a race on June 8th when Dudley made contact with Dalton in a Late Model feature that Dudley went on to win.

“Racing’s racing,” Dalton stated.  “Wrecking like the last race I was here, he just jammed me in the wall instead of trying to race with me.  I’ll race with anybody.  I don’t wreck anybody.  But I’m not going to put up with it either.  If he wants to do this, we can do this every week.  It doesn’t make any difference to me.”

“I don’t know what his problem was,” Dudley remarked.  “He carried me off here in turn one.  He wasn’t doing anything except trying to wreck me.  We got back in to turn three and I gave it back to him.  I’ll tell you I did.  He wanted to turn around and hit me head on (under caution) and act all stupid and then he tore the whole right side off my car.  It’s just ridiculousness.  I don’t know who would put someone like that in a car.  I guess they like it too because they’re the same caliber of character as he is.  I have more respect for my stuff and I didn’t want to do any more than what had already been done.  That’s all there was to it.  We’ll have to see what happens in the future but I doubt they’ll be back.”

Dudley says he had no recollection of the incident Dalton referred to, saying that race took place more than ten races ago.  He also says he felt Dalton should have been parked and that, if the track had decided both drivers should have been parked, he would’ve been fine if he also had to be parked.

Dalton won the first race with Ryan Glenski, Kyle Dudley, Kyle Moon and Johnny Cash rounding out the top five.  In the second race, the top five were Dalton, Cash, Wesley Thomason and Rusty Gaspard.  Gaspard overcame a wreck in the first race to return to the track and score a top five finish in the second race.

Steve Teter scored the win in the Mini-Cup race in dominating fashion after a serious wreck on the front straightaway involving Jeff Stump.  Stump was okay after the wreck but was taken to a nearby hospital for observation.  Stump was released from the hospital on Sunday morning and does not have any broken bones.  He is resting and healing.

“We’ve won five times this year,” Teter commented.  “I’m sorry about what happened to Stump and I hope he’s alright.  We just got together here coming off of four and I was a little bit loose.  I tried to keep from hitting his car and next thing I knew, he was right there.

New Jersey’s Amanda Harrison finished in second in the Mini Cup race while Jeff Davis, Calvin Brooks and Buck Mitchell rounded out the top five.

“This feels amazing right now,” Harrison said.  “I’m going to give it all I’ve got next time I come out here.  Steve’s a good driver and I’d love to get to him.”

Johnny Cash scored the win in the Mini Stock race over Brittany Cockram and Cody Woodward.

Chris Amos held off JC Morgan and Todd Arrington to win in the TunerZ division.  Tony Housman scored the victory in the U-CAR race while Eddie Rocke picked up the win over Danny Bush in an exciting Street Stock feature.

Ladies Night at Franklin County Speedway featured a 10 lap ‘Powder Puff’ race which was won by Jessica Cockram, who is daughter of Daryn Cockram and the younger sister of Mini Stock competitor Brittany Cockram.  The race also featured a Rookie U-CAR race which was won by Vincent Beall and an Any Car race won by James King.

The next race at Franklin County Speedway will be the Labor Day Classic on Sunday, September  1st.  That race will feature twin 35 lap Late Model features along with every other division and a fireworks show after the race.

For more information on these races and the tracks 2013 schedule be sure to visit their new website at or follow them on Facebook at “Moonshine Capital Promotions”.  You can also contact promoter Langley Austin at 276.613.4208

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