Trey Marcham Has Full Slate in 2013

Trey Marcham Has Full Slate in 2013

by March 23, 2013

trey_marchamOKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Trey Marcham has a full slate of races planned for 2013 starting Friday night when he will be competing in the 2012 Myrtle Beach 400, which was postponed from last November due to weather. With over 100 entries, Marcham qualified mid-pack, but is confident he has a car that will finish up in the top 5. He will also be competing in the UARA-STARS Series, USAC Midgets on the West Coast and in mini-sprint car races in the Midwest.

Despite the mid-pack start in the 250 lap Late Model Stock Car feature of the Myrtle Beach 400, Marcham is confident the team can score a good run.

“I think we’ve got a fairly decent shot,” said Marcham. “We didn’t qualify as well as we wanted, and I’m not sure why. When we go out and race, we’re usually very good. In that race, you’ve got to take your time and save your tires. I think we’ll be all right. A top-five would be our main goal. We raced in the SouthEast Limited Late Model race last year at Myrtle Beach. We were running sixth when we got caught up in a big crash.”

Marcham will run several Late Model races this season. Along with the Myrtle Beach 400, he will compete in select UARA-STARS races as well as the Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 at Martinsville in October and the Myrtle Beach 400 again in November. He will run his USAC Midget and Mini-Sprint at tracks all over the country.

“We’re going to run the USAC Midget in Bakersfield, Silver Dollar, Petaluma and all up and down the west coast,” said Marcham. “I wish we would run the USAC National Tour. Maybe next year we will. We’re just running the USAC West Coast tour this year. We’re going to run the mini-sprint all over the place in places like Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Kansas and Indiana.”

Marcham feels his dirt experience, which requires more car control and throttle control, will translate in to success on asphalt.

“I would definitely agree dirt makes me a better driver,” said Marcham. “On dirt you’re used to sliding around, you have to work with the pedals to keep the car straight. You have more throttle control and you’re used to that sort of thing.”

After the Myrtle Beach 400, Marcham will head back to Oklahoma to prepare for the USAC Midget at Bakersfield Speedway in Bakersfield, CA on March 30. The first mini-sprint race is April 5-6 in Oklahoma City, and Marcham’s first UARA-STARS race will be at Rockingham Speedway on April 13.

“I would think my dirt track experience and Myrtle Beach experience prepares me for Rockingham,” said Marcham. “From what I’ve heard, Myrtle Beach and Rockingham are similar on tire wear but you go faster at Rockingham. If we can save tires here and the same strategy there, we’ll be all right. The slipping and sliding doesn’t really bother me.”

Marcham competed in nine races in the UARA-STARS tour in 2009, scoring a best career finish of second in the 150 lap race at Newport Motor Speedway in Newport, TN in June. He also scored a top-five finish at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC in June and scored top-ten finishes at Hickory Motor Speedway in Newton, NC in June and again at Anderson in October.

Marcham is looking forward to racing in all three types of cars this season. “As long as it’s got four wheels, a steering wheel and can be driven, I don’t care. It’s all good for me.”

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