You Must Learn To Be a Good Looser Before You Become a Winner

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After last night’s Late Model Battle at the Beaches Race at Daytona, many have been in an uproar over the way the win was accomplished, but was it really a win?

Of course, the checkered flag flew as the young Kyle Larson crossed the finish line first. Then he had his picture taken with the trophy in victory lane, but again, was it really a win, the way he absolutely dumped CE Falk coming off turn four?

#NASCARBattle and Larson were were the second and third topics trending in the wide world of twitter.

#NASCARBattle and Larson were were the second and third topics trending in the wide world of twitter.

As soon as Larson took Falk out for the win the twitter world was swarming with angry tweets towards one of NASCAR’s Next 9.

I knew this would be huge. And it was/is.

Let me be the first to tell you, I was a big Kyle Larson supporter.

In 2011, I was invited to NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Combine in Hampton, VA. I had no idea who Kyle Larson was, until after he went out and completely made all of us short trackers look like rookies his very first time in a stock car!IMG_2016

The little time I was around him he seemed like this sweet tender hearted little teenager who could drive the wheels off anything you put him in. He was humble, quiet and did all of his talking on the track.

I don’t know where that person was last night. All I saw was a whole lot of cockiness and disrespect.

As for CE Falk, I saw class and maturity after he had every right to get out of the car swinging. I’m pretty certain that Falk grew up much like me and my brother. If we wanted to go racing on the weekends, then our butts had better be in the shop working on our cars throughout the week. And on the track, well we were a bit more hesitant to knock the front nose piece off, because we knew how much it cost. Then we had to put it all back together.

 Wonder if Larson will be going to his car owners shop to help them replace that nose piece and redo the duct work???

So to answer my question…

IMG_2017No, Kyle Larson did not win that race last night. The first little bump and run would have been acceptable in my book, if he could have won that way, but then hitting Falk coming up off the corner and taking him out was just flat out dirty and disrespectful.

Yes, we all have to admit that Larson was absolutely driving the wheels off his car within the last 10 laps. There is no doubt the kid can drive, but physical ability will only take you so far. Character will carry you on to the top.

Lindsey Holman

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