A Win At What Cost

A Win At What Cost

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CE Falk III - Getty Images

CE Falk III – Getty Images

Kyle Larson Shows His True Driving Form At The Expense Of CE Falk

The blame is partly on NASCAR for setting up such a ridiculous excuse for a short track.  I don’t think there is any question that had the NASCAR Whelen All American Late Model portion of the UNOH Battle at the Beach been run on a proper track the outcome would have been quite different.  The racing action would have been much better too, but that is beside the point.  Kyle Larson has very little experience racing late models on short tracks and because of that he hasn’t learned to respect the other guys out on that track with him.

Short track racing in full bodied stock cars is different from the open wheel sprints and big track stock car races that Kyle has excelled at up until now.  It’s all about give and take and respect for your fellow drivers.  It’s a hard lesson that is better learned at the lower levels but in this case it looks like it won’t be learned until he reaches Sprint Cup when it comes with a multi-millon dollar price tag.  The fact that Kyle is totally unapologetic about it makes it even worse.  Had he done interviews and gone on Twitter with the attitude that he had made a mistake in the heat of battle that he regretted he may have been forgiven, it is short track racing and from white to checkers all bets are off.  But he didn’t.  He admitted what he did and doesn’t really seem to care that it was dirty racing and the type of thing that just isn’t done.

NASCAR won’t punish him, he is part of their Drive for Diversity Program after all.  A fact that also seems to cast a slight shade of doubt over the penalty they handed down Corey LaJoie in the K&N East Series at the end of last season, effectively giving the Championship to Kyle instead of Corey.  His punishment will come much later, when he is out on the track racing against guys who won’t think twice about turning him around so they can win.  That will be the true cost to this young driver.  With one win he has lost tons of respect in the racing world he is poised to enter.

Racing is about respect.  Any driver can win any race at anytime if he is willing to wreck everyone in front of him to do it.  However in the end the other drivers won’t respect you, the track officials, sponsors and especially the fans won’t respect you and your racing days will come to an abrupt end.  Take one look at the drivers who have long an successful runs in Sprint Cup.  They understand that racing side by side is what the fans love to see and the only way to do it is to respect and have the respect of those you share the track with.  It isn’t all about the wins, it’s all about the race.

There isn’t much more that can be said about the finish of this race.  Everyone agrees that it wasn’t right but it won’t change the outcome.  It’s time to move on.  We will all watch the modified race tonight to see if one of those guys tries to school young Kyle.  We will all watch this Saturday as he climbs in a Nationwide car to see how he handles that.  But now people will pay a little bit closer attention to those short track Saturday night races as well.  Where drivers like CE Falk climb into a car every weekend and just race for the sake of racing.  Keep an eye on these guys, you may just see them again.

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