What Got Me Here

What Got Me Here

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I am Lindsey Holman, born and raised up in the Southwest Virginia historic town of Abingdon.

I’ve been asked many times, “how did you get into racing?” My answer, “I was born into it.” There has never been a time in my life when racing wasn’t a part of mine and my family’s lives.

The Fox: Jo Ann Holman

My father, Darrell Holman, began racing go karts around the age of 17. He progressed up to mini stocks on dirt, then late models. Aroundhis mid-20’s he met a dark, long-haired fox from Glade Spring, VA. Her name was Jo Ann Jackson. After about four months of courting they got married on a winter day in December, where she fainted when my Dad kissed her! No really, she did…

In the late 70’-s my Dad began competing in NASCAR’s Goodies Dash Series. Throughout the 80’-s he competed in the Dash Series and even a few Busch Series races.

In 1984 my brother came along. A few days after he was born my parents still hadn’t picked out a name. They were sitting in the hospital, my Dad reading a racing magazine. My Mom asked if they were ever going to decide on a name. My Dad looked at her and said, “How about Caleb? That’s Cale Yarborough’s first name.” So Caleb it was!

Right around the time my Dad decided to get out of the Dash Series was when I came along in 1988. He then began to race on dirt at Wythe Raceway, and he eventually went back to asphalt in the early 90’s when Coeburn and Kingsport opened back up.

My parents started a small used car lot in the 70’s and some of the first memories I have as a child were going up above the car lot where Daddy kept his racecars. Bubba (Caleb was tough to say as a kid and it’s just weird calling him Caleb now) and I were always playing around up at the shop when Daddy was working on the racecars.

I would always ask, “Daddy, can I help you paint the racecar?” He would respond, “Yes Jo (Middle name), when you start coloring inside the lines.”

Playing in/on Daddy’s racecar

Bubba started racing go karts when he was seven and, of course, he was successful. Daddy was racing late models at Coeburn at that time. When he turned 13 he began racing mini stocks on dirt at Wythe Raceway in Rural Retreat, VA.

My Dad has always had a lot of back and neck issues due to racing over the years. So around 2000, he had to hang his helmet up. Right about that time my brother turned 16 and began racing my Dad’s limited late model at Kingsport Speedway. That was also the year that I really took an interest in wanting to help with the car in the shop and at the track.

So I began going to the track with Daddy and Bubba. They had a four cylinder class and I thought, “Man, I could race one of those.” And from that point on Daddy didn’t hear the end of it from me and Bubba until he got me a car.

Bubba won a handful of races in the limited class at Kingsport in 2000 and then won the championship in 2001. He also ran over at Coeburn some too.

In 2001, Daddy finally agreed to let me race! My first racecar was a 1993 Ford Escort. My first race was at Coeburn. We didn’t have my car ready yet, and a friend asked if I wanted to drive his other car. Of course I said yes! I actually had to go out in the parking lot and figure out how to drive a stick before practice began. I got spun out and went a lap down, but I finished.

The following week I was going to race my escort, but Coeburn shut down. So my brother talked me into letting him take me up to Wythe Raceway to run on dirt. It was only me and one other kid, but I won.

I was hooked, so on Saturday’s when Bubba wasn’t racing we loaded up in the rollback with two of our neighborhood friends and headed up to Rural Retreat. Mom and Dad would come up for the race and sit in the stands with my grandparents and friends.

My brother began running a few ARCA and Busch races here and there in 2002 while I continued to race at Wythe Raceway through 2003. I had four wins, numerous top three finishes and made some memories that I’ll always carry with me.

In 2004, I ran mini stock at Coeburn. Then in 2005, I ran Limited Sportsman at Motor Mile Speedway and Bubba ran Late Model. In 2006, I continued to run Limited Sportsman on the weekends that my brother wasn’t racing, since he began running a limited schedule in the (at the time) Hooters Pro Cup Series. Caleb ran Pro Cup fulltime from 2007-2011.

In 2008, I graduated with my Associates Degree and transferred to ETSU (East Tennessee State University). I majored in Sport Management. I didn’t race much in 2008 and 2009 since I was always at school trying to finish up my degree.

In the summer of 2009, after I finished up my junior year, I began working at Bristol Motor Speedway in the ticket office. I graduated from ETSU in the Spring of 2010. I continued to work at BMS through March of 2011, while still managing my brothers Public Relations on the side.

March of 2011 was the first time I had been in a racecar in a year or so. Daddy and Bubba took me down to the newly reopened Kingsport Speedway to run in the Limited Sportsman division, where I brought home my first win in a limited late model, on my first attempt at that track. That night I became the first woman to win a feature at Kingsport Speedway.

March 2011 Kingsport Speedway Win

After graduation I had planned to move to the Charlotte area to work for an agency, team or track, but after the crash of the stock market in 2008 the ‘Real World,’ that I had heard about for several years, had finally caught my eye. After seeing several friends get laid off from teams, due to lack of funding, I began to realize the importance of benefits and a stable career path.

So in May of 2011, I landed my first fulltime job as a Financial Aid Advisor at Virginia Highlands Community College, in attempt to begin a career within a stable industry. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be working at a college instead of in the motorsports industry, but it’s really worked out for the better.

I love being able to come to a positive and stable work environment each day and hope to make a difference in the life of a student. But don’t think that I have shut the racing world out. I am able to take off work to attend most of my brother’s races. I also still manage his public relations and promote him and Food Country USA.

Darrell, Jo Ann, Caleb, Megan (Caleb’s Wife) and Lindsey

I have a great passion for the social media side of the sport. Our fans need and want to be interacted with and the easiest way to do that now is through social media. I enjoy having the opportunity to keep our fans up on the latest happening at Henderson Motorsports and providing live race updates.

As most might know, Caleb is running a limited schedule in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series this year for Henderson Motorsports.


As for me, I have not yet raced this year, not wanting to accept the fact that I probably shouldn’t be in a racecar, due to the same back and neck issues that my Dad had to quit racing for. I am hoping to get back in the seat sometime before the end of the summer at Motor Mile Speedway in the Limited Sportsman Division.

So for now, I have taken on this blogging thing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for several months now. I hope my readers enjoy!

So there you have it folks…that’s what got me here.

Lindsey Holman

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  1. Jennifer Watson
    #1 Jennifer Watson 13 June, 2012, 06:15

    Way to go Lindz! You are a Rockstar!

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    #2 Joel 17 June, 2012, 10:02

    Nice write up. Keep ’em coming.

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