Respect Behind the Wheel

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Rob Austin (outside) and Chuck Crigger (inside).
Photo by: Randall Perry

As I was sitting at Kingsport Speedway Friday night watching the Street Stocks line up for their 30 lap feature, I suddenly took a trip back to my childhood, or it seemed that way.

Coming out onto the track to lineup was Rob Austin, Chuck Crigger, Roger Neece and Chris Tunnell;  four men who have raced in the Street Stock Division at Lonesome Pine and Kingsport for, probably, as long as I’ve been alive.

Growing up at short tracks in SWVA (Southwest Virginia) and NETN (Northeast Tennessee), even as a kid, I knew who the front runners were.

As I watched these seasoned veterans take the green flag I couldn’t help but think, now this is racing. These guys are your true racers. It’s their passion.

I’ve always known these four guys to respect one another, race hard, but in a respectful notion. Within the first 15 laps Rob Austin and Chuck Crigger were battling hard within the top five. Chuck got around Rob, but then it appeared that Rob took Chuck out coming off turn two.

Chuck brought his machine down pit road and parked it. In his interview he stated that Rob was not to blame for him getting spun out. Something broke on his car and he couldn’t get out of the way.As the race continued it came down to Roger Neece and newcomer, Jared Broadbent, at the end.

Neece, being the one of the classiest racers in these parts, lost the lead to Broadbent within the last 10 laps and Broadbent sealed his first victory.

It’s always great to witness a first win. There’s nothing in the world like it, but later after the late model race ended I thought to myself, some of these younger guys in the higher divisions need to sit back and watch these street stock men race.

They race hard. Yes, they beat and bang, but there’s no cheap shots. They have respect for one another and they do it without trying to wreck one another every time they get near each other.

That’s as far as I’m going this week with my thoughts. If you weren’t able to attend the race you can go to Twitter and read my updates @LJHolman75.

Lindsey Holman

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  1. Short Track Race Fan
    #1 Short Track Race Fan 22 June, 2012, 09:26

    I really hope young drivers will read this and take a lesson from the guys that have been racing each other for years. If you shove the other guy out of the way have you really won? Let’s remember it’ racing not wrecking.

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